Skunkworks History

Skunkworks was created in 2014 after identifying the need for a 100% New Zealand owned strategic innovation company. 

What we do

A Skunkworks project is one developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation.

Skunkworks takes that principle and applies it systemically, enabling leaders and organisations to create cultural shifts that espouse innovation.

Skunkworks maintains links with people and organisations around the world which support the brand and its ethos.

Our connections provide us access to knowledge and skills that support and manage organisational change from the board down.

Why we exist

We were concerned that the art of organisational innovation was languishing. Too often, we experienced meetings where innovation was positively quashed under administration and risk management principles. This has led to organisations grinding to a halt under policies that reduce the risk to the organisation, but stifle creativity and change.

We decided to create a figurehead organisation that spoke to innovation and change. With Skunkworks, we found a natural home. Skunkworks projects are well known in Executive Boards and the term is easily explainable to stakeholders.