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Why explain innovation when Google does it so easily?

513 Million results exist when you Google innovation. Yet what does innovation actually do for you?

Invention is the creation of something new. Think the smartphone or the wheel.

Innovation is what we do with them.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone so that people could listen to concerts from afar. We know that people used it to talk. Invention and innovation.

So here at Skunk Works, we search out inventions and then create ways to utilise them – innovation.

Strategic innovation is changing the culture of an organisation to understand how innovation utilises their existing IP and combines with new inventions to innovate new products and services.

We have two innovation options available, contact us now for more information.


This is our public product, where we are open about the development and work we do with you. An agreed level of PR is used to market the changes in your organisation and the innovations created.

Silent Running

Silent Running is our underwater product. This is for organisations that are seeking discreet strategic innovation & organisational change at an executive level.

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