Methodology Design

So you’re Agile because you said so?

Of course not, you know that introducing any methodology requires major shifts within organisations and their culture.

The difficulty with using Agile with a big A, is that it requires that the whole organisation become Agile. We understand that organisations undertake a range of activities and projects that don’t necessarily benefit from being Agile.

Most organisations have three broad methodologies they use:

Stage Gate

Also known as Waterfall or Phase Gate, this methodology is ideal for projects that require phases of work to be done in order. Often used in physical product or infrastructure development.


Often used to support modern project delivery such as software or digital development, this methodology is what organisations aim to conquer.


Also known as DevOps or Continuous Delivery, this methodology is for organisations that have a mature level of development that encompasses the next generation of software development strategies.

What is responsive?

Responsive is the state of organisations that encompasses the range of methodologies and have their own way of dealing with any challenge. The use of a standard methodology baseline enables a way that works within your organisation based on best practice.

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